Together we will pass the "District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2021" aka Initiative 82, which will eliminate the sub-minimum tipped wage of $5.35 per hour, and ensure all tipped workers receive DC's full minimum wage of at least $16.10 plus tips on top! Please sign up to volunteer with the DC Committee to Build a Better Restaurant Industry.

Attend a Petition Circulator Training!

We will soon adopt the official circulating petition and will have 180 days to collect the names, addresses, and signatures of 5% of the registered voters in 5 of the 8 wards of the District of Columbia (about 26,000 voters). If we are successful, our ballot initiative will make it on the June 2022 primary ballot.

Therefore the Campaign needs to have as many petition circulators trained as possible!  From utilizing COVID-safe best practices to ensuring the DC voter’s name & address are correct, everyone who plans to circulate petitions will need to attend a 90 minute training conducted over Zoom before receiving circulating petitions from the campaign. Even if you have been trained before for previous campaigns, you will need to be trained for this campaign.

 Please click here to register! 

IMPORTANT: At this time, the Campaign is only seeking volunteer petition circulators. If the Campaign transitions to paid petition circulators, volunteers will have the option continuing as volunteers or being hired by the Campaign.