Together we will pass the "District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2021" aka Initiative 82, which will eliminate the sub-minimum tipped wage of $5.35 per hour, and ensure all tipped workers receive DC's full minimum wage of at least $16.10 plus tips on top! Please sign up to volunteer with the DC Committee to Build a Better Restaurant Industry.

Washington Post Opinion: End the tipped wage to help back-of-house staff

Screen grab from the Washington Post article

Today the Washington Post published a guest opinion piece by Tim Linaberry. Here’s a quote:

As a result, front-of-house workers typically have much higher incomes than those of workers in equivalent back-of-house positions, though wages are wildly variable. The average hourly pay difference between the front and back is nearly 2 to 1 in some restaurants. This disparity hardly seems fair and is part of the reason Initiative 82 needs to be passed.

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