Together we will pass the "District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2021" aka Initiative 82, which will eliminate the sub-minimum tipped wage of $5.35 per hour, and ensure all tipped workers receive DC's full minimum wage of at least $16.10 plus tips on top! Please sign up to volunteer with the DC Committee to Build a Better Restaurant Industry.

Initiative 82 Petitions Submitted!

Today the DC Committee to Build a Better Restaurant Industry submitted 7,971 completed petitions to the DC Board of Elections. These petitions will be reviewed over the next 30 days and by Wednesday, April 6, we should know if we qualified for the June 21 primary ballot. A big thank you goes out all the petition circulators who helped us collect the signatures of over 5% of the registered voters in the District of Columbia. We could not have done this without everyone’s help!

All of the Initiative 82 petitions in order from 1 to 7,971
Initiative 82 proposer Ryan O'Leary and Field Director Kris Furnish in front of all the Initiative 82 petitions